Spring Health Topics

Spring is here and the temperature is rising here in the Nation’s Capital. With the change in weather comes some new topics for pet health, here are our top 5!

Allergies and Skin Irritation

Seasonal plants and pollen can cause allergies and skin irritations. If you notice your pet scratching at there ears or skin, licking or biting at areas of their body or if you notice any changes to their skin or coat, give us a call to have it checked out.

Grass Seeds

Grass seeds are prevalent in Spring as new vegetation is rapidly growing. The pointy end make it easy for them to become lodged under the skin in your pets legs and paws. They are also commonly found down ear canals, under eyelids and even in the nasal passage after being inhaled! It is safest to avoid any areas with long grass on your walks and it always a good idea to give your pet a check over on return from a walk. If your pet begins shaking their head, sneezing or licking at any part of their body it is best to make an appointment as soon as you can. In many cases sedation and/or general anaesthesia is required for removal so avoid feeding your pet before their appointment just in case.

Paralysis Ticks and Preventatives

Many Canberrans make the most of the warm weather with a trip to the home of paralysis ticks, the coast! Paralysis ticks are capable of killing a dog within just days of attaching if he/she did not have any tick protection prior. We now have such safe, effective, affordable, quick acting and long lasting tick prevention options available that there really is no excuse. Here are our preventative recommendations:

Nexgard Chewable Tablets (1 month protection for fleas and ticks) – Best for infrequent travelers that have a trip planned for less that 1 month duration or for puppies that are growing and may exceed the tablets weight range in a month.
Bravecto Chewable Tablets (3 months protection for fleas and ticks) – Best for people who travel quite frequently and can remember to dose again every 3 months.
Bravecto Spot On (6 months [yes 6 months!] protection for fleas and ticks) – Best for year round cover for fleas and ticks and for pets who are hard to tablet.

We sell all 3 options here at Vets at Amaroo, give us a call on on 6230 2262 if you’d like us to pop one aside for you.

Snake Bites

Though it has only just hit Spring, there have already been multiple snake sightings in the ACT and surrounding regions. We recommend keeping your dog on lead when out and about, sticking to the path/walking trail and avoiding areas with long grass. It’s helpful to be familiar with the symptoms of a snake bite so that you can act quickly in an emergency, these include:
– Vomiting
– Sudden weakness
– Collapse (can seem to ‘recover’ shortly after)
– Twitching of the muscles
– Hyper-salivation
– Dilated pupils non-responsive to light
If you notice any of the above symptoms give your vet a call straight away.

Plants – Lilies

Lilies are extremely toxic to cats, causing kidney failure and even death after ingesting even the smallest amount of any part of the plant. Cat owners should NEVER have lilies in their homes. Symptoms include:
– Vomiting
– Other symptoms relating to kidney dysfunction (lessened appetite/disinterest in food, lethargy, depression, changes in urination and thirst).
Again, if you notice any of the above symptoms, give your vet a call immediately.